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Divitia Realty is changing the way you work with Asheville REALTORS®. Over the years we’ve surveyed other agency’s buyers and sellers and asked them what they would change about their recent transaction. The common answer was, “communication”. At Divitia Realty, we ensure that you know what to expect in your transaction from the very beginning. We believe you should be informed of the latest updates in your transaction as soon as they happen, through the communication modes that work best for you. You’ll have knowledge of the purchase or sale process up front so that you can make better decisions and feel confident that you’ll get what you want.

Our online programs, guidebooks, and videos make it incredibly easy to find answers to all your questions. Delivering quality education for every learning style is key to the success of our relationship with you.

Working with our REALTORS® means your purchase or sale will be straightforward and pleasant.

We know your top priorities when hiring an agent are trust, communication, and experience. Our Asheville REALTORS® have the knowledge, caring, and skill you expect from a full-service agent. Let our familiarity with local neighborhoods, insights to issues in homes, expert negotiation tactics, and true understanding of your needs complete your transaction smoothly and on time. Choose one of our Asheville REALTORS®.

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Sell Your Home


When you need to sell your home, we’ll help you assess your financial needs and work with you to choose the right marketing strategy and home sale package. During our consultation, we’ll consider the cost of your existing mortgage, the time it takes to sell your home, and agent fees involved. Also, your home’s saleability and ease of transfer (i.e. if your home is newer or certified) are taken into account in our agency agreement with you as well.

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Marketing Mastery

When it comes to marketing, Divitia agents have more online power than other Asheville REALTORS® because they have their own marketing team that excels at using today’s methods of online and offline promotions to sell your home. Research shows that 90% of home buyers begin their home search online. For this reason, we use our marketing power across all platforms to make your home stand out. We use HDR photography, drone videos and elegant brochures and flyers set your home apart. Your home will be seen on the top home search websites, mobile searches and avenues of popular social media giving you the marketing mastery that is standard with Divitia Realty.

Asheville Homes For Sale


Divitia Realty helps buyers purchase Asheville homes for sale too! Buyers searching for homes in Asheville and all of Western North Carolina choose Divitia agents for their tough negotiation skills, area knowledge and ability to listen to their needs. If you’re a first-time home buyer, you’ll find working with one of our agents is your best choice. Our education of the home buying process is second to none. We have guidebooks and videos that allow easy access to information regarding your transaction. We provide timely emails to let you know what you should be doing next and all the possible hiccups that can occur along the way. Being educated is being prepared and we want your transaction to be a great experience. We also offer homes to our buyers that have already been Home Inspected and Appraised (HIA) to assure an easy due diligence period for both the buyer and lender. As a result, buyers can spend less out-of-pocket dollars to acquire their homes and expect to close the deal on time.

Communication Your Way


Divitia Realty understands that timely communication between all parties involved in your transaction is crucial to closing the deal. Therefore, we listen to your needs and use communication tools that work best for you, at times that work with your schedule. So, whether you need a phone call update, email or text, our real estate agents are trained to deliver information to you when you need it.

The Area’s Best Providers


We only work with the best real estate service providers in the area. Throughout the years, we’ve worked with many lawyers, mortgage lenders, surveyors, home inspectors, and everyone in between! Consequently, we know which providers deliver efficient, quality work and don’t charge an arm and a leg in the process. And don’t worry, we give referrals to these service providers because we want your experience to be superior. We never expect anything in return and are bound by our REALTOR® code of ethics to never take a kick-back.

Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leases


Divitia Realty also provides excellent service in commercial real estate sales and leases. With years of experience in the industry, Divitia Realty agents are expert negotiators and are diligent in meeting your needs.

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