Asheville Homes For Sale

If you’re looking for Asheville homes for sale or properties within Western North Carolina, come talk to us. Our REALTORS® love helping buyers find their next home, land to build their dream home or commercial property. It is our goal to make your journey as easy and pleasant as possible. At other agencies, you’re thrust into your search without knowledge of the market, familiarity of the transaction process and what possible hurdles you might encounter along the way.  We enjoy giving you the upper hand by educating you about area market trends and your purchase process up front. So you’ll be ready for the next step, have your offer accepted, make the most of your due diligence term and be ready for closing on time.

Come talk with us

No high-pressure sales techniques

Let’s face it.  In this day in age, everyone knows a sales pitch.  We can spot sales scripts right from the start. With Divitia, there are no high-pressure sales techniques because we know our expertise, caring and skill will win you over.  Our agents are different. The compassion that our agents deliver is real because we truly enjoy helping you.  It doesn’t matter if you’re buying your first home or your perfect second home.  You deserve the best service and we are ready to help you.

Your Search

We understand that you didn’t drop everything in your life to search for a house. You may be working a full-time job, have kids or other commitments that take up your time. That’s why Divitia has streamlined our system of service, education and communication.

When searching for Asheville homes for sale, land and commercial real estate, you’ll be able to see the new property as soon as it hits the market. Call us to find out which of our agents is scheduled to preview the home that day. And, whether you’re in town to see the showing or in another state, you’ll be able to see live video of the listing and our agent’s assessment to the property’s value.

Build Your Wealth

We know hiring a real estate agent may be an overwhelming task. You may be thinking, “Who should I pick to stand by me in my pursuit of possibly the most expensive acquisition in my life?”.  Divitia understands your concerns.  Our agents are trained to work with assessing your needs as they relate to your financial wealth.  Because research shows that the average person moves every 7 – 10 years. We’ll help you find a home that works best to match your current needs while aiming to yield the  highest equity in your purchase. Real estate investors know that the most ROI (Return On Investment) is actually made at the time of purchase! We want you to be comfortable even as the health of our economy swings up and down.


Over the years we’ve engaged many buyers in the area about their past experiences with agents.  We’ve asked, “What is the one thing you would have had your agent do differently?”. And, 9 times out of 10 the answer is COMMUNICATE! Clients want to connect with their agents on a regular basis at a time that’s right for them. They want to know what their next steps should be and they want answers right away, not tomorrow when it’s too late. Therefore, Divitia is changing the way clients work with agents. We’ll keep you abreast of your situation at every step of the way. The system of support that you’ll receive is like no other firm. We’re here for you when you need us most. Through our books, online videos and timely phone calls, emails and texts, you’ll know exactly what is happening and what to do to prepare for the next phase of your transaction.

We Listen

You’ll gain trust in us from the moment of first contact. We pride ourselves on our ability to ask the right questions that get to the heart of your needs. Divitia agents seek to understand all your concerns and address them before they become issues. We don’t want to waste your time showing you homes that aren’t in alignment with what you desire.

It’s easier here. Start your search for Asheville homes for sale with us! We give incredible service, because we believe YOU are an incredibly deserving client!

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